All the way to the bank

by RAbid - UK

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““Whoa. Dug this song so much! Such a solid, fast intro. So punk rock and I was super into it. The repetitive "Jubilee" was catchy. I instantly thought of Rancid once the vocals started. This scratchy, screaming, punk vocal was excellent and I think it 's so perfect. This is definitely the type of song I would bounce around to at a house party, jam to in a car, or jump along with at a punk show. Great punk tune!” “I like the way you held on the notes on the guitars and drums, and so on at the start of the piece, you then started with some good vocals which rhymed which is something which is very appealing. I also like the way you repeatedly say some of the lyrics that is something which is done often but is effective. I also thin the pitch of the song and vocals go every well together.” “This is a good song and performance. The tone is strong and powerful. The singer has a raspy voice and puts raw feelings into his lyrics. The lyrics are interesting and packs some punchy ph”

Originally signed to Fallout Records back in the eighties RAbid shared stages with the likes of Anti-Pasti, The Exploited, G.B.H. plus many more first time around. A couple of compilations of those heady days, the most recently being the rather appropriately entitled ‘A Bloody History’ released back in late 2013, were enough to finally tempt bassist turned vocalist Dean Grant out of retirement though, and with the help of Steve Ward on bass guitar, Colin Bennett on guitar, and Gaz Johnson on drums, this ladies and gentlemen is RAbid 2015.

The five track ‘All The Way To The Bank’ EP is the first product released by this modern day version of the band, and to be totally honest it is a fine introduction to the less than subtle delights of a band who, as I very quickly discover, don’t exactly mix metaphors or pull any punches. First thing you do have to get over though is the vocal stylings of Grant, he has an almost half spoken approach to his art that sits somewhere between Animal from Anti-Nowhere League and Trigger McPoopshute’s Darrel Sutton. Bizarre I know, but once you are past this possible Marmite moment the twisted full on glory of RAbid is there for all to enjoy. Okay granted they’re not going to suddenly be declared “the next big thing”, or be about to save rock ‘n’ roll as we know it today, but as I understand it that is not what RAbid are about anyway. This is the sound of four guys playing loud guitar based rock music and having a fucking great time in the process. Highlight of this debut EP is the lead track ‘Jubilee’, a track bristling with energy and a riff straight out of the Steve Jones book of guitar. Top notch stuff indeed.

RAbid FrankMoving on to the just released ‘Frankenhooker’ EP and this one sparks into life via the title track, a tongue in cheek paean to the Frank Henenlotter horror classic containing a riff that Vim Fuego’s lawyers will be crawling all over. Elsewhere ‘Banned’ has that Pistols influence creeping out from behind the curtain once again. Whilst ‘Mr C.E.O’ has more than just a passing resemblance to the excellent Born To Destruct, and ‘K.N.T’ is the type of song that made the aforementioned Anti-Nowhere League public enemy number one for all of two minutes back in the early eighties. Ending with ‘Assassin’ and ‘Death Mad’ both of which being fine solid slices of British punk rock, buy both to to make your very own eleven track album. Tidy!

This is a top package, with top presentation, containing some top music. You can hit the RAbid guys up via the links below.


released August 27, 2015



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RAbid - UK Leicester, UK

RAbid were at the forefront of the 2nd wave of British punk - signing to fallout records and touring the uk -- playing main support to GHB/EXPLOITED/ANTI PASTI/VICE SQUAD and many more -- RAbid have recently signed to Underdogz Record and will be releasing A new Album late 2016 - Solo project from Vocalist new Genre same in your face ATTITUDE house/dance Music Pablo Mercedes Y Los ..... ... more

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